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Formula 1 2016 By Patrick34 Versión:1.0

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Como cada año Patrick34 no falla, aquí tenemos un mod de 5 estrella. La Formula 1 2016 para rFactor!!! Que lo disfrutéis!

Información oficial:

So finally,after a lot of postponements (I'm so sorry for this but it's not easy to estimate a release date),
I think the F1 2016 mod is "ready".
Don't expect a lot from this mod (even if it has been delayed a lot of time :p, it's just a mod my way)
First I would like to thanks AL for their collaboration.
Some cars are from their mod,without them I don't think we would see the same quality of cars in this mod.
Here is what I did since Beta version : UIData,I edited some Music,I added TheSimRacers sounds,
I did my own shaders in Shared folder (+ SPRL Shaders and F1 2015's Codemasters texture reader included too),
about cars,there is a totally new models for all cars,Halo for all cars (still experimental),
2017 Tyres (with their physics,maybe I will have to work on that) for Mercedes,Ferrari and Red Bull,
Tests drivers included,Extra drivers too (Like Bianchi for Ferrari,Coulthard for Red Bull...),
Physics changed a lot,cars are more faster (maybe too fast lol),but that's all I can do from my side,I will need help to make it perfect.
Did full grid and normally everything is okay,I have shit pc and it lag a bit (only for starts) but if you have a "normal pc"
(you can play F1 2015,Project CARS or Assetto Corsa on it for example ),you shouldn't have any lags,
I did some class files,for races of the season until Singapore GP
(For example,I did one for Bahrain where Alonso isn't there and is replaced by Vandoorne)
I did misc cams ( Old School cams,suspension camera...) for every cars,new TV cams,Track specific liveries,
new suits thanks to Francisco Vazquez,new helmets too,some helmets shapes might change,so I think that's all,enjoy it

RFE Plugin is mandatory.

Due to high quality models and textures,The mod is heavy FPS killer.I suggest you to use 4gb patch on your rFactor  and to use the command +fullproc (search on Internet for more information)
I suggest to use with this mod :
Very good F1 2015 trackpack made by WCP-Series

Please,if you need to take something from my mod,ask me.
It took me a lot of time to make this mod and this effort is not valued.


Mercedes - Isaint,AL & Patrick34
Ferrari - AL
Williams - Formula Corsa,FSR & Patrick34
Red Bull - GeZeRe
Force India - GeZeRe
Renault Sport - AL,Isaint & Patrick34
Toro Rosso - GeZeRe
Mclaren - Excalibur,AL & Patrick34
Sauber - AL & Patrick34
Manor - Hega
Haas - Hega & Isaint

2016 Skins are mostly made by Patrick34,NPanic and Masaki Komine.


SafetyCar - LMT,Patrick34,N.Acciarri
Helmets - Davide Hill,jvinu2000,JA Helmets,Patrick34,Francisco Vazquez


Mod Manager - Patrick34
Cameras - Patrick34,Ricardello
Physics - Patrick34 &
Optimisation -
RFE Adaptation - Nick9320,ebert
Menu - Patrick34,Nick9320
Logo's - Patrick34
Tyres - Codemasters,Pako
Sounds - TheSimRacer,Molle Pro,felipinhogiro
Shaders - Patrick34 and SimRacing PL
Steering Wheels - Patrick34,ISMT,AL,Formula Corsa,Codemasters,Sandrox
LCD and LEDS - ISMT,Lorenzo De Ciutiis
Suits - Francisco Vazquez

Change Log:

Version 1.0

New models for all cars
New experimental physics
New car sounds
New TV Cams
FOM Misc cams Added
Track speficic liveries
New Helmets and Helmet shape
New suits
Ocon to Manor,Verstappen to Red Bull,Kvyat to Toro Rosso
Tests Drivers added (There is still some drivers missing)
Extra Drivers added
Halo for all cars
Class files added
2017 Tyres with their physics (Experimental too) for Mercedes,Ferrari and Red Bull
New shaders for all cars
New menu music
Intro added
Credits file Updated
UIData Updated

Version 0.175

Little physics tweaks
Added new Renault skin
Skin of Ferrari,Mclaren,Manor and Haas improved (Big thanks to LightcruiserHD and Masaki Komine)
New Drivers Menu Logo
New helmets (Hamilton,Rosberg,Palmer,Verstappen,Haryanto,Wehrlein big thanks to jvinu2000,JA Helmet and Davide Hill)
New suits
Fixed Cockpit camera (thanks to bastoner97)

Version 0.15

Possibility to choose 3 tyres in garage (Big thanks to ebert to make this possible!)
Added new Toro Rosso skin
New Mercedes shaders
New helmets

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+1 # TRACK PACKpablo 17-05-2017 08:21
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Mark Webber
+1 # RE: Formula 1 2016 By Patrick34Mark Webber 07-02-2017 23:40
This mod is a crap, impossible to drive and cocpit view is unreal, you got to drive blind... CRAP!
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0 # gran modruben 19-01-2017 13:18
sonidos al minimo detalle, gran grafica, brillo y fisicas. No se si alguien te lo dijo pero los Manor dan un fallo G2motor helmet nose que pero en el resto es la leche
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