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Formula 1 2017 by Palinho Version:3.0

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Ta tenemos aquí el primer mod de Fórmula 1 2017 para rFactor!

Gracias a Palinho61, podemos gozar un año más de más Fórmula 1!

Versión 3.0 FINAL:

My new mod for season F1 2017. This mod is for rfactor. 3D models and skins 2017 ready... Engine: In this mode, it is important to watch the RPM! The engine is configured to provide the best performance at 12000rpm and when you sort some of this value so it destroys the least. The engine can spin up to 15000rpm, but it does not make sense, because it destroys a lot of the engine and he will soon leave and has not been reached, and especially if it exceeds about 12,700 Speed ​​and engine power begins to rapidly decrease. To sum up so you go slower and still you reach that goal. For the engine it is also very important to watch cooling because our engine is certainly not indestructible, just the opposite.... look on diod in wheel that will tell you. More information and news about mod on my twitter: @Palinho61

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