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Ferrari 288 GTO Version:1.2.6

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Ferrari 288 GTO para Assetto Corsa. Un mod de 5 estrellas que viene con 2 motores (street and rally). Un coche muy agradable de conducir, con una calidad extrema, físicas y sonidos 10/10. Que lo disfrutéis.

The F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari. All the flagship supercars that serve as bedroom posters every generation, they all trace their roots back to this. The Ferrari 288 GTO was originally designed to participate in the group B class road rally competitions, but never got the chance. Perhaps this might provide a taste of what could have been.

Assetto mod Ferrari 288 GTO 2

Assetto mod Ferrari 288 GTO 3

Assetto mod Ferrari 288 GTO 4

* Felipe Vaiano & RallyLegends (Physics)
* Mathieu Horsky (Aerodynamiscist and technical consultor)
* NWRAP-ESP (2D art - Instrument panel textures)
* Flat-Twin (2D art - Exterior lights textures)
* Sovers (Driver animations, Tyre textures, lights textures and lots of help improving shaders)
* GTOfire (3d Model, programmer art quality shaders/textures)

- Version 1.2.6
* By Paul Williams Sound fix for AC 1.10.2

Version history:
- Version 1.2.5
* fixed readme to credit schUPpor for his Martini livery
* fixed power curve in UI to reflect the one used in-game for both stages
* added shift light to Group B stage
* beefed up the Group B exhaust flames

- Version 1.2
* Updated tyre model, doesn't feel much different but it's a little less grippy, especially for street90s.
* Altered group B default setup to have more negative camber and toe in rather than toe out in the front. It didn't make a lot of sense to use the 'safe' factory settings for this version.
* Fixed missing Ambient Occlusion on Group B rossocorsa skin.
* Fixed skin template for group B not applying Ambient Occlusion properly due to an alpha channel being present on the layer.
* Added schUPpor's Pioneer livery double pack and Martini skin.
* Included Rolf's alitalia skin update.
* Updated skin previews to match kunos style better.

- Version 1.1
* Fixed left front popup light brightness, improved headlights (thanks ivy_090!) and fixed tail and brake lights.
* Fixed Group B stage turbo, you won't constantly damage it anymore.
* Added gear lever animations to match Sover's gear change driver animations.
* Added Rolf Kazamba's Group B Alitalia livery

- Version 1.0 (what's in a number right?)
* Physics updated to AC 1.3 (old tyres still tho)
* New Group B upgrade available, trying to represent a GTO when fitted for rallying. Turbo pushed beyond stock limits, better brakes, slick tyres, adjustable final gear ratio, increased ride height, suspension changes and additional setup options. Group B stage has a model to match, featuring extra wide rear fenders to house the much wider tyres and a race interior.
* Removed slick tyres from stock version, they were meant for Stage upgrades and got left in by mistake.
* Right side tyre thread now points the right way.
* Front lower air intakes reduced in height to match the real thing
* Performance updates for road model, now includes COCKPIT_LR and LOD_B, also fixed missing compression on LOD_A.
* Reupholstered the interior, dashboard and all the fabric bits look much better now with ambient occlusion and red fabric in the seats.
* Plugged the hole inside the steering wheel housing for those who prefer playing without the wheel showing and could see through the mesh.
* Updated skin template with missing popup lights ambient occlusion
* Updated driver animations (Thanks to Sovers again)

- beta 2.1
* Driver is no longer telekinetic and will lend a hand while steering
* Tyres now show actual thread on them for that extra placebo grip
* Shader/texture improvements all around the car
* Adjusted size of headlights and color/intensity of tail lights.
* Interior dial plates darkened a bit, but they now light up when lights are on.
* Added 2 colors (Bianco Avus and Nero) and single color skins are now very easy to add.
* Added the popup headlights

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