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Australia | Winton (2 seasons) Version:1.05

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Here we go.
Winton for AMS. :)
2 seasons and 3 variations with a summer "dry" version (summer 2 ingame).
Thanks to Richo for the initial work
Thanks to Denis for picture
Thanks to Gringo for aiw and other thongs done for me
Thanks to Luigi for his excellent cams as usual
Thanks to Thierry Galle for .scn cleaning
Many things updated here. The track is difficult but challenging.
Hope you will like it, I spent a lot of time on it.
For the first time we have the curbs getting worn while driving.
Note that curbs were a real problem here, as Richo put them on the road directly. I have reworked everything to match reality (internal curbs are hard in real life) so now it is better (I dont say perfect). Curbs height can give problems with some cars, like F3. But I suppose they are not build to run at winton
- new AI parameters
- random skies
Matching the megapack version
Some adjustments.
No need to dl if you have the megapack
Updated with AMS v1.2x AIW and TDF parameters.
Improved UI track list cascade menu.
Track info details are corrected and up to AMS standard.
Accurate pit lane speed limits with a minimum of 60 kph (Winton should be 40kph).
Support for the F-Truck diesel smoke effects.
Grass and Temps update
Updated AMS v1.4x AI parameters and tire compound syntax.
New loading screens by Denis included in the package

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Author Patrick Giranthon
Changed at 2018-04-17 22:12:50

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